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Nutritionist Salary Outlook for 2023 and Beyond

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Your passion for seeing the world eat and live better is needed. Pursuing a degree in nutrition and health sciences can get you where you need to be, at the forefront of the nutrition world, making fundamental changes in the lives of your clients and community.

But what is the job outlook like for nutritionists in 2023 and beyond?

Nutritionists at a Glance

Nutritionists hold many different jobs within the healthcare field, from Registered Dietitians to Food Safety Auditors. Even Health Coaches are often also Certified Nutritionists. 

You may need different training and experience for each position, but the foundation is the same: a practical education in science-based nutrition and whole-person well-being. Taking the time to earn a degree in nutrition will give you the knowledge you need to advise your clients on best practices holistically.

Nutritionist Salary and Job Growth

It pays to foster whole-person health. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the average nutritionist salary was $61,650 in 2021. Though that’s the average, there is a broad range of salary opportunities, with many positions paying much more than the average. The typical entry-level degree is a bachelor’s degree, but just like in other fields where a master’s degree makes you more marketable, having an advanced degree in nutrition could be beneficial. 

The job growth for nutritionists is also promising, as cited by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, with an estimated increase of 11 percent over the next ten years, faster than the average job market. That’s about 5,900 careers in nutrition opening up yearly over the decade. In 2020, there were 73,000 nutritionist jobs.


Bastyr: The Natural Choice for Nutrition Degrees

You want a nutrition degree focused on holistic health and care, a degree that puts the person first and their unique health needs at the forefront. Bastyr is known for our holistic, natural approaches to health and wellness. We have many nutrition programs to choose from to help you receive the proper education and certifications to become a nutritionist.


Nutrition Programs at Bastyr

Elevate your education with a nutrition degree from Bastyr. We offer a variety of programs with hands-on training and well-rounded courses to help you get your footing in the nutrition industry.

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Culinary Arts

Hone your cooking skills to bring healthy and therapeutic dishes to the table. With a BS in Nutrition and Culinary Arts, you’ll have the ingredients to make your career come together in an impactful way.


Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, Food and Exercise

Learn to combine the sciences of whole foods nutrition and exercise and pursue careers or additional graduate education in a variety of health careers (for example, clinical nutrition, medicine, physical therapy and public health). 


Master of Science in Integrative Nutrition - Online

Learn about the intersectionality of diet, lifestyle, environment, and culture in this online program specifically suited for working adults.


Master of Science in Nutrition

With our MS in Nutrition, you’ll gain a broad understanding of nutritional research and emerging topics that examine the complex interplay between food and health and disease. You’ll learn how to better evaluate and interact with scientific literature, giving you a firm foundation in nutrition and its impact on daily life.


Master of Science in Nutrition for Wellness and Health Coaching

This program gives you the tools to become a Health Coach or Certified Nutritionist for wellness and health counseling. You’ll learn how to advise clients best and make the big ideas of nutrition accessible for everyone you counsel.


Master of Science in Nutrition/Didactic Program in Dietetics

In this program, you’ll receive all the necessary training to become eligible to be a Registered Dietitian. You could also pursue a career in corporate wellness, food and nutrition counseling and writing, or research in a clinical or laboratory environment. The hands-on experience you will receive while earning this degree will help you feel confident in your career as a nutritionist.


Master of Science in Nutrition and Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology

This dual-degree program integrates clinical training in nutrition and mental health counseling, leading to a Mental Health Counselor licensure. Within this program, you’ll practice looking at nutrition issues from a physical, emotional, and psychological standpoint.


Dietetic Internship – Nutrition

This 10-month program provides interns with a minimum of 1,200 hours of supervised work experience in nutrition, community nutrition, and foodservice management. The internship includes concentrations in integrative medicine and environmentally conscious, whole-foods nutrition.


Post-Baccalaureate Nutrition

Students with non-science backgrounds or who are missing significant science credits may complete this program to be eligible for a master of science program at Bastyr. You can customize your schedule only to take the courses you need if you’re coming in with prior credits, or you can finish your science requirements in just one year.


Ready to Bring Your Nutrition Know-How to the Table?

Let Bastyr help fuel your wellness journey with robust natural health and wellness classes. We’ll find the right nutrition program to set you up for success in any career in nutrition. 

Want to know more about what nutritionists do and what their job outlook looks like? 

Download our new resource: What Can You Do with a Nutrition Degree? The Complete Guide to Careers in Dietetics, Food Education, Wellness, and Health.

If you’re interested in learning more about Bastyr’s vision and mission for nutrition and how you can be part of natural healthcare, request more information.

Ready to get started on your nutrition degree? Apply today.


Written by Bastyr

Bastyr University's academic and research programs have received international recognition for pioneering work in science-based natural medicine. We offer a learning environment that fosters serious inquiry, professional dedication and lifelong relationships. Your career begins here, where comprehensive training makes the difference.