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The Future of Health and Wellness: Bastyr's Grad Programs Pave the Way

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While health and wellness have come a long way over the years, in some ways, we’ve lost our direction. 

In pursuit of efficiency and convenience, we’ve sacrificed the less invasive forms of treatment and shunned natural remedies, looking instead for quick fixes. However, there are still programs that prepare students to enter the health field and use more holistic solutions. 

At Bastyr University, we’re changing the landscape of integrative medicine by equipping students to become changemakers in their fields by connecting to ancient and natural healing methods. 


What Are Natural Health Arts and Sciences? 

Natural health arts and sciences offer a holistic approach to health and healing. In pursuing whole-person wellness, this approach aims to provide lasting solutions and lifestyle changes for clients, not quick fixes. This can involve care providers working more frequently and long-term with their clients instead of seeing them once a year for a wellness consultation. 

This approach to healthcare is invested in preventative care, aiming to resolve smaller concerns before more serious issues arise. Integrative healthcare professionals turn to nature and historically recognized, scientifically proven treatments to treat clients before health concerns worsen. 


Bastyr: Our Commitment to Natural Science 

At Bastyr, we believe in whole-person wellness and holistic healing grounded in science and research. We offer a rigorous science-based education that respects the healing power of nature and recognizes that the body, mind, and spirit are intrinsically inseparable. Through integrative medicine and holistic healthcare approaches, we teach our students to take the very best of nature to heart for themselves and their clients. 

Bastyr students leave our institution with a strong foundation built upon real-world applications of natural health and wellness best practices. We have degrees in various disciplines, from more client-focused care to policy advocacy. 


Holistic Degree Programs at Bastyr: Change the Health Story of Your Community 



Guided by the principles of integrative medicine, our Master of Science in Integrative Nutrition program enlightens students about the intricately interconnected relationship between food, health, and disease prevention. We bridge the gap between science and tradition while creating a space for future nutrition leaders to unite and grow. 

Graduates of our Nutrition programs are equipped with evidence-based nutritional strategies to facilitate a revolution in individual and community health. They can build thriving careers as dieticians, nutrition scientists, community nutrition consultants, and wellness coaches, among others. Invest four years in our Nutrition program for a lifetime of valuable impact. 

Learn more about what you can do with a nutrition degree in our guide.

Helping people make the best nutrition choices for their bodies and lifestyles is crucial to their overall health. With a nutrition degree, you’ll be equipped to evaluate and educate your clients on what can work best for their needs.


Naturopathic Medicine

Our Naturopathic Medicine program at Bastyr is an amalgamation of rigorous scientific curriculums, comprehensive clinical training, and naturopathic clinical theory. As a part of this transformative journey, students learn to diagnose and manage health conditions from a naturopathic primary care perspective. 

Graduates are respected practitioner-scholars making significant strides in healthcare, academia, research, and public and private sectors. Naturopathic doctors use their extensive knowledge of both natural and conventional therapies to support each person’s unique health journey. Discover the world of Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr. 


Bastyr’s Midwifery program encompasses the entire spectrum of low-risk perinatal care. Our holistic pedagogy equips students to provide personalized, culturally sensitive, and empowering prenatal, birthing, and newborn care. 

As midwives, our graduates not only deliver babies but also deliver a fresh perspective to reproductive healthcare, earning positions of leadership across research, education, and policy advocacy. More than a career, midwifery is a calling. At Bastyr, you will train in all aspects of midwifery care for parents and newborns. Nurture your compassionate calling with our Midwifery program.



Bastyr’s Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine programs are a testament to our dedication to blending tradition with scientific rigor. Students learn to diagnose and treat various conditions with therapies encompassing acupuncture and herbal medicine. 

Our graduates go on to flourish in private practice, multi-practice clinics, research, higher education, and corporate wellness programs, leading the world towards diverse, integrative healthcare solutions. As the demand grows, patients are looking for alternative options to assist with pain management and other issues. Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine offer people the natural solutions they seek. Experience the essence of East Asian wisdom with our guide to Acupuncture programs.


Herbal Science

The Herbal Science program at Bastyr ignites an exploration into the depths of plants and their profound potential for healing. Rooted deeply in research and science, the coursework fosters an appreciation of traditional and emerging herbal therapies while introducing students to industry regulations, manufacturing, and quality control. 

Graduates build dynamic careers in various sectors, including academics, clinical practice, nutraceutical and natural product industries, and research. They can also use their education to prepare for graduate studies in natural medicine, ethnobotany, acupuncture, and more. Now more than ever, people seek herbal remedies and natural products. Unfold the secrets of nature with our Herbal Science program.


Holistic Landscape Design

Holistic Landscape Design at Bastyr blends practical skills with the wisdom of the natural world. This program prepares students to design and manage sustainable landscapes, from home gardens to public spaces. Students delve into local ecosystems, learning to create landscapes that not only rejuvenate the surrounding environment but also foster the health and well-being of the communities they serve. 

Graduates become stewards of the land, enriching industries like urban planning, farming, and environmental consulting. Create a sustainable future with our Holistic Landscape Design Certificate. As a student in Bastyr’s program, you’ll experience a green education and learn to create landscapes that work with nature, not against it. 


Ready to Start Your Degree in Health and Wellness? Choose Bastyr

Starting your educational journey with Bastyr means you're not just embarking on a degree; you're stepping into a robust, global community passionate about health, prevention, and individualized care. 

Ready to embark on your transformative journey? Request more information, schedule a meeting with an advisor, or start your application. You can also chat with a current student to learn more about your program of interest.

Immerse yourself in healing and learning where innovation meets tradition. Begin your story at Bastyr.


Written by Bastyr

Bastyr University's academic and research programs have received international recognition for pioneering work in science-based natural medicine. We offer a learning environment that fosters serious inquiry, professional dedication and lifelong relationships. Your career begins here, where comprehensive training makes the difference.